Air Hogs Atom Micro Heli


Havoc Heli, holder of the world record for the smallest RC heli has just MICROSIZED! Introducing an even smaller, more compact version that provides maximum power and durability at almost half the size! The Air Hogs ATOM Micro Helicopter comes complete with a built in Lipo battery and 4-way precision control.



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Date: 08/25/09

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The latest heli from airhogs is their second micro sized heli. They call it the "Atom". At about the same size as the Micro Havoc heli, it's one of the world's smallest rc helis. Continue reading for a detailed review of the Atom and a comparison with the similar Micro Havoc Heli.

What's in the box:
When you open the box you will find the heli, transmitter, tail prop remover, and three spare tail props. The transmitter that doubles as a charger requires only four AA batteries.

The transmitter:
The Atom's transmitter features sticks rather than thumb pads like the Micro Havoc Heli featured. This makes control much easier. The transmitter also works with the Micro Havoc making it much easier to fly. It will charge the Micro Havoc heli too. The Atom can store in the bottom of the transmitter just like the Micro Havoc does with it's transmitter, and can charge while closed in by the polycarbonate door.

The transmitter for the Atom also uses a turn dial for trim instead of push buttons. The weird thing is that it never stops turning! If that isn't weird enough, mine requires about 15 FULL turns clockwise to get in trim! It works though. It's very precise, so you can get it in near perfect trim. Unfortunately, just like the Micro Havoc Heli, it requires constant adjusting throughout the flight as the tail motor heats up.

The heli:
The Atom is tiny. In fact, tiny doesn't do it justice! It's just down right small! Nose to tail it's only 4.25in and it's about 3/4in wide at it's widest point. The Micro Havoc Heli is a bit over 4.5in long. The main rotor of the Atom has a diameter of about 3.8in, same as the Micro Havoc. The rotors are not the same though. The height between the main blades and the stabilizing blades is less on the Atom, making it once again look even smaller than the Micro Havoc. The distance between the tail rotor and the main rotor is actually slightly more on the Atom though.

The Atom is built super tough. It's all high quality, hard as rock plastic except for the tail boom which is carbon fiber. Even the vertical stabilizer hanging off the tail boom is thick hard plastic. The landing gear is really well designed and can take a beating. Much better than the Micro Havoc. The two halves of the canopy are held together by two screws and some tape around the front. It protects the battery and receiver very well. It covers the gearbox too.
The Atom has a neat feature much like the Robo Copter Recon. It has an adjustable cg by sliding the vertical stabilizer along the tail boom. It doesn't change flight a whole lot, but you can definitely make it fly at slightly different speeds by moving it around. That's the other thing. It flies forward MUCH better than the Micro Havoc Heli.

Flight performance:
The Atom flies much like the Micro Havoc heli since it uses basically the same guts. It's much more stable and flies forward better though. Takeoff is easy and straight once it's trimmed. Trimming it can be tricky and take a while though. Once trimmed, it flies like a dream. Every now and then you need to readjust the trim though as the motors heat up. It's extremely stable. More than I would expect from such a tiny package. Turning seems more responsive than the Micro Havoc making it easier to control. Because it weighs a bit more than the Micro Havoc due to more plastic instead of foam, it needs a bit more throttle to fly, therefore lowering flight time slightly. It flies for about five minutes. Although it's heavier, it's not short on power. There is still plenty there to climb at a descent rate. When the 40mah lipo dies, it takes about 15-20 minutes to recharge.

Atom vs. Micro Havoc Heli:
So which one is better? Opinions may vary, but I can very strongly say the Atom is better. Here's why.
1: The Atom's only $30 instead of $40 like the Micro Havoc is.
2: The Atom is easier to control.
3: The Atom looks really nice, especially with the kind of paint they used on it. I think it looks way cooler than the Micro Havoc.
4: The Atom is much more sturdy and crash resistant. You don't feel like you're going to squish it when you pick it up.
5: The Atom is much more stable.
6: The Atom's transmitter has sticks instead of pads.

Overall, I love the Atom. It has easily become a favorite of mine. I really like how small it is. It blows people's minds when they see me flying it. I think the value is great. Although some of you may think $31.99 is a little steep for such a tiny heli, imagine the engineering that went into it. It's more than worth the money. and when you compare it to the $39.99 Micro Havoc Heli that it's better than, now it really is sounding good. The only thing I can really complain about is the trim. I'm ok with the flight times, but a little more would be nice too. Otherwise I think it's great! I would definitely recommend it to someone else.