Air Hogs Hyperactive


There is a lot of power packed into this little car. 2.4 GHZ performance vehicle. Interchangeable tires for indoor and outdoor driving. Multi band means that up to 10 vehicles can run at once! The Hyperactives R/C can reach speeds up to 20 MPH!




Date: 08/2011

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The Air Hogs Hyperactives RC cars were worth the wait. They're quick and fun, and they look great. Now, I do not at all appreciate the fact that the real top speed is much lower than advertised. I've said it before and I will say it again, manufacturers need to stop putting out claims to which their products cannot hold up. That said, though, the actual 13+ mph speed of these cars is fantastic in and of itself, especially given their diminutive size, so their performance is still great and class-leading by a large margin. The somewhat limited radio range and difficulty of control over surfaces that aren't perfectly smooth pull down my overall rating of the car, but the perfect-working roll bar, extra tires, and outstanding indoor control help boost it back up. In all, I'm very happy with these cars and think they are a good deal and an excellent addition to the toy-grade RC market.


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