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A revolution in R/C technology. It's a boat, it's a plane, it's an insane all terrain! Easily takes off from sand, grass, water and pavement. Full function for incredible R/C flight.



By: Michael Heer

Date: 09/22/06

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There was a lot I liked about the Storm Launcher! The foam combination seemed to do a good job of protecting the vehicle while keeping it light with the majority of the vehicle being of the white foam. Two friends that had DIFFERENT MODELS of flying hydro's said the Storm Launcher took a lot more abuse without showing damage than their models had and they were favorably impressed. I also liked that the SL for the most part stayed on the ground or the water despite going at full speed so long as the elevator wasn't used to supply up. (Unless I hit a ramp or a wave I stayed earthbound when I wanted to for the most part.)


I am pleased to say I found in calm conditions to breezes of five miles an hour or less it was a very good flyer! I felt I was in control about 85-90% of the time and that was excellent based on my experience with differential thrust planes. Elevator control was the occasional problem even in calm conditions and more so in wind. I felt I was in command when it was in a calm sky. Keep it on the ground if the wind gets to 8-10 mph or more. On land or water with waves I felt I had less control of the direction than I did in the air. A spot of sand, some thicker grass or the edge of a wave and I was off in a new direction not of my choosing. On pavement at high speed I had more of a dragster type vehicle than a steerable vehicle if I stayed at full throttle for reasons discussed above. Yet with a little practice and learning how to vary the throttle to slow down a bit I developed pretty good control on pavement, hard dirt or calm water.


I broke off the complete upper fin from each side once and I broke off the vertical fins a couple times each after removing the top fin. (WARNING: A big splash of foam safe CA and kicker can generate enough heat to melt the foam. Use a little CA or wait on the kicker if you accidentally put on a lot of CA. This was learned on a previous project the hard way.) I had a crack in the white foam against one side in the back from vibration from a big nose first crash into a curb while making a video. With two and a half hours plus of operation my Storm Launcher was working as good as it did after the first couple of break-in sessions. Had to replace some tape on the front as I wore it out and it travels faster and better with the tape. The modified Storm Launcher works noticeably better in flight than does the stock version of the Storm Launcher. The reduced weight and drag made a difference. At the end of the review my only complaint was that #@*#!%# battery holder on the Storm Launcher and how hard it remains to remove the battery from the holder. I hope they will be selling individual batteries or a lot of members will be hot wiring their SL to use a different battery. DON'T hot wire if you will be having children operate the Storm Launcher unless you will always supervise!

There was a real learning curve in controlling my Storm Launcher on the ground on different types of surfaces. However, as I learned to control direction on land with speed modification as well as thrust differential I was won over by the Storm Launcher. I have operated it for the most part in fairly wide open spaces when flying other than my street hops. Be sure to give yourself a chance to learn how to control the Storm Launcher by giving yourself sufficient open space when you first start. I could fly mine from the first time I tried, but on the ground it was trial and error.


Except for the battery & holder I give the Storm Launcher a very big thumbs up! I am keeping mine and my order for the Storm Launcher. I have a friend who wants one as soon as possible!

The most important thing about the Storm Launcher is that it is undeniably fun to play with on land, water or air. While it could be broken quickly, it can last for hours of fun as mine has so far. Using a little common sense will go a long way to keeping it in good shape.

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