Air Hogs Zero Gravity Nano


The ultimate indoor R/C racing! A full functional R/C car that drives on the floor, up the walls and even upside-down! Outstanding scale speed performance on any smooth surface. Working headlights also act as charge level indicators. Two power settings - floor mode with venturi fan off, and upside-down action! Different frequencies available so you can race against your friends.




Date: 09/2009

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All in all this tiny car is as good of a deal as the larger previous version, though it costs the same. It mostly drives the same and looks the same or better. The only place it falls short is in ceiling driving, as you'll only be able to drive upside down on a completely flat surface. I think that's reasonable considering the tiny size of this car and the basic physical realities of scale! If you like the car and have siblings or friends that want to race, you can even get the Zero Gravity Nano in a two-pack with obstacles (Zero Gravity Nano Urban Chase Set) for creating a racing course with checkpoint targets. Pretty good deal.


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